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We sponsor this biennial arts festival, last held in October 2018.  It makes an important contribution to the cultural life of the district. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the festival planned for October 2020 had to be cancelled. 

The 2022 festival will run from 21-30 October - here is the leaflet:

Bluehouse Festival 2022 leaflet - side 1

Bluehouse Festival 2022 leaflet - side 2

Event Diary for more information.

Memories of the 2018 festival:

Comedian Andy Hamilton "in conversation" at 2018 festival

Mike DAbo Trio being introduced at 2018 festival

The Ruisi Quartet playing at the 2018 festivalRandy & the Rockets, opening the Steve Wynn evening at the 2018 festival

Pictured above from the 2018 festival are [top left to bottom right]: Andy Hamilton in conversation, the Mike D'Abo Trio being introduced, the Ruisi Quartet playing and Randy & The Rockets in full swing.

The Godwine Choir performing Hubert Parry's "I Know My Soul Hath Power To Know All Things" at the service marking the start of the 2016 festival.