Oxted United Reformed Church

The Church of the Peace of God

Following the removal of most government pandemic regulations on 19th July, Oxted URC is easing its requirements to be observed by the congregation and visitors. This easing is going to be gradual whilst coronavirus remains a significant threat to the community.  For the time being, social distancing, hand cleansing and mask wearing when moving about inside the building will be expected.  When sitting down, people may remove their face coverings, except if they are singing. These require-ments will be reviewed monthly by the church eldership.

  • If you'd like to join us in person at a Sunday service (listed in the Events Diary), you can be sure of a warm welcome. Or you can join us on-line by going to the live-streaming of a Sunday service. 
  • Every day the URC offers a podcast and text for personal devotion, consisting of a reading, a reflection and a prayer.  On Sundays from the same webpage a service is provided, for listening to or reading.


Please be aware that the content of this website is largely as it was prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Once the emergency has passed, our website will be fully reviewed and updated as necessary. 

Oxted United Reformed ChurchWELCOME!

The congregation here invites you to join us as we…

ASK questions of faith, and what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus in today’s world;

SEEK answers that are relevant and which don’t demand acceptance of creeds or dogma;

FIND a welcome as together we try to spread a message of peace, justice and compassion to all.