Oxted United Reformed Church

The Church of the Peace of God

Although the presence of the covid-19 virus in the community continues to be a concern,  Oxted URC is striving to return to normal as responsibly as conditions allow.  For the time being, social distancing, hand cleansing and mask wearing when moving about inside the building will be expected.  When sitting down, people may remove their face coverings. Singing without a mask is permitted in the front rows but otherwise masks should be worn. These requirements are being reviewed monthly by the church eldership.

If you are not able to join us on Sundays yet, the following might help you feel that you are still part of the URC community... 
-> On Sundays when we are able to provide it, view a live-streamed video of morning worship at the Church transmitted to this website, or catch up with a recording of the service afterwards.
-> Listen on-line to Daily Devotions presented by the United Reformed Church - the content is available in text too, emailed early each day to subscribers.
-> On Sundays from 10 am the podcast of a morning service is available from the URC's Daily Devotions website.
-> Read Reform, the monthly magazine of the URC, in digital form for free - the offer is here. The annual subscription for a mailed, paper magazine is £29.50.